Buying Myths: Do Jerks Get The Best Deals?

When you think of a great negotiator, is that someone you want to have dinner with? (Negotiation tutorial video.)

Many successful business leaders have a strong distaste for negotiating. There is a widespread belief that to get the best pricing, you need to be unpleasant… or maybe even dishonest.

That brings us to one of the Eight Great Myths of Buying:


Myth #3: Jerks Get the Best Deals… and nice guys pay retail.


Sales people often promote this myth by making you feel like a jerk if you don’t buy from them, or even if you challenge them. Some have been explicitly trained in guilt motivation as a sales technique. (Have you met that guy?)

These tactics work, because many buyers feel uneasy about these truths:

  1. You (as the buyer) answer to different shareholders than the seller
  2. It’s your job to protect your company’s resources (and the seller’s job to get the most margin possible)
  3. At some point, when their slice of the pie gets bigger, yours gets smaller (and vice versa)

Putting these facts on the table does not make you a jerk. In fact there’s often room to find more surplus on BOTH sides, and a candid conversation doesn’t have to be an ugly one.

For an illustration of a respectful, candid, effective negotiation watch this short video.

Watch the video and use the tactics that you learn. So the next time you are in some tough negotiations – and you draw the picture for the Value Conversation – the next time you have a conversation about price with your vendors or clients, no one will feel like a jerk.

Of course, that’s not the only time that you should be concerned with pricing and what you’re getting. Check out our great article on “The Lowest Price Mirage” and how it can hurt your business.

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