Expensive Sentences®: Heard any lately?

When it comes to your business’ bottom line, do you know when you are using wordage to vendors that is costing you money? If you have read any of our articles on Expensive Sentences®, then you already know that there are a few different things you can say to a vendor that can truly cost you. If you haven’t been following along on these Expensive Sentences®, then you can be unknowingly costing your business money.

So what are these Expensive Sentences®? How can you avoid them? How can you make sure that vendors aren’t picking them up and charging you more when you’re discussing purchasing from them?

Have no fear my business-minded friend, here are several links to different Expensive Sentences® here on our site that can help you recognize what you might be saying that is costing you money:

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Expensive Sentences® can easily cost you more than you realize. However, if you know what they are and how to stop them, you’ll be able to save money, restore that bottom line, and meet your business goals faster.

Let Buying Excellence show you how you can save money in your business and help you avoid Expensive Sentences® before another one slips out during negotiations. Contact us today and we can start you on the path to Buying Excellence in your business.

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