When building a profitable, high-impact organization, the skill of managing expenses and saving money is ultimately just as important as the skill of selling. In the Amazon #1 Bestseller How Smart Companies Save Money, the author presents a simplified and actionable approach to managing expenses. The result of applying these lessons is lower costs, greater profit, and greater impact.

The book details three paths to savings and twenty-five specific savings tactics, each of which is accompanied by stories of how dozens of organizations have applied the tactics for success.
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Start saving right away with the twenty-five savings tactics explained and illustrated in the best-selling How Smart Companies Save Money.

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Here’s what other business leaders are saying about ‘Smart Companies’:

"Concise, complete, and extremely useful."
- Kevin M. Callahan, Author of The Management Playbook
"This is an outstanding guide that will help any company save money. Jack Quarles keeps it simple and cogent. He has captured many of the tenets of Common Sense Purchasing and improved on them. He really gets it."
- Dr. Thomas DePaoli, author of Common Sense Purchasing
"As much as all of us focus on making money, there has rarely been a step-by-step guide to how you might actually SAVE money for your business. This book finally has that answer. The result is something you can read quickly, act on immediately, and use to impact your bottom line to save real dollars."
- Rohit Bhargava, author of Likeonomics
"This is great advice, and well presented. I’m recommending that all of my clients read ‘Smart Companies’."
- Ted Bilich, CEO of Risk Alternatives
"Jack does a great job of sharing usable tips that are very easy to follow to save money. This is definitely a read worth breaking out a few times a year to put give you actionable steps to review expenses and save."
- Chris Yoko, CEO of Yokoco
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