Do you need some expertise or bandwidth as you reduce costs and capture savings at your company? Has cost reduction been on the back burner too long?

Companies engage Buying Excellence to ensure action and results on their savings projects.


Payables Review

If you suspect there are savings opportunities at your company but are not sure where to start looking, Buying Excellence can conduct a Payables Review. This diagnostic process systematically reviews vendor expenses and identifies potential savings areas.

Savings Team Coaching

If daily demands are crowding out savings initiatives, your purchasing team might benefit from a coaching arrangement. Buying Excellence can help structure your savings projects and provide support to your team as they become heroes bringing dollars to the bottom line.

Vendor Negotiation

Does a specific vendor need attention because the cost is too high or the value is too low? Buying Excellence can advise and support negotiations with key vendors.

RFP Facilitation

Buying Excellence can lead an RFP process for six- and seven-figure purchases or categories. To discuss RFP facilitation, contact Jack Quarles.



Client Results

“You pointed out a vendor where we didn’t think we could save money… but we ended up reducing our expense with a major supplier by about $20,000 this year alone.” Scott Hall, Classic Landscaping

“Jack, after only 30 minutes of sitting with you I was already getting a clearer vision of the different areas where we were spending more than we needed – areas I would never have considered before talking with you. We will save about 15% on our annual shipping costs, which is huge for us.  We will also be saving on bank fees associated with credit card purchases and material costs from our two major suppliers.” Jim Lutz, CEO Arena Graphics

“After our conversations I understood exactly what to say to our current vendor. The result was a 6% discount after one ten minute call.” – Sean Reeves, Hope Builders

“The vendors in our RFP responded exactly as you said they would – by lowering their proposed price. We will save more money over the next two years because of your expert advice.” – Rachel Greenberg, PERC

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