Jack Quarles is a highly rated speaker at national conferences, CEO groups, and networking events.

Descriptions of Jack’s signature presentations and video clips are provided below. To discuss an upcoming event or plan a visit with your team, email Jack@BuyingExcellence.com.


“Getting the Buyer to Root for You”

Wouldn’t it be great if your prospects and buyers wanted you to succeed, and were just looking for excuses to buy from you? From two decades of experience on the buying side, Jack shares how sellers can consistently get buyers to root for them, explaining key principles and tactics from the #1 Amazon Bestseller Same Side Selling.

“The Most Expensive Sentences at Your Company”

Strong company culture can be a great asset, but are there parts of your culture that are killing profitability?

Most teams share some beliefs that cost them money, time, and opportunities. This costly thinking reveals itself through Expensive Sentences. In this session you will learn how to recognize the Expensive Sentences that are hurting your team. Best of all, you will learn specific tactics to re-write these sentences for better decisions and major savings impact.`

“Create your 60-Day Savings Plan”

Saving money at a company is everyone’s job, which sometimes means it’s nobody’s job. In this hands-on workshop, Jack leads organization managers through the process of making a concrete plan for savings. Attendees discover a simplified approach to savings as described in Jack’s #1 Amazon Bestseller How Smart Companies Save Money, and follow through to assign tactics, owners, and dates that will impact their bottom line within 90 days.


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