Every organization has limited resources. Is your team making the most of its money, talents, and time? Do your colleagues and clients understand what brings value and what drives profits?

Saving money starts with the right mindset. Learn to avoid Expensive Sentences (R) at your company by sharing the key concepts and principles of saving.


Outsourcing and Total Cost

Today nearly any business function can be outsourced. The most important strategic decisions are what to keep in-house and where to engage partners. To guide those decisions, review the articles and videos on total cost and outsourcing.

Expensive Sentences

The fallout of poor decisions often costs far more than paying vendors too much. Is your team penny-wise but pound-foolish? Learn some of the most common Expensive Sentences, and how to stop profit leaks by speaking and thinking the right way.

Seminar: The Most Expensive Sentences at Your Company

Jack Quarles delivers an engaging, memorable, and useful seminar titled “The Most Expensive Sentences at Your Company.” The seminar is best-suited for CEO groups or senior leadership team meetings.




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