STEWARDSHIP | Expensive Sentences

Does your team think about cost and value in the right way? Or are Expensive Sentences(R) leading you to poor decisions and costly outcomes?

If any of the following phrases sounds familiar, read the article to see how they could be hurting your bottom line.


Expensive Sentence: “It’s too late to change now.”

Costs of Delay Whiteboard

Are you really stuck with your prior decisions, or is it time to cut losses and re-direct?



Expensive Sentence: “We need it yesterday!”

Whiteboard Cost Model

Is false urgency in your culture leading to rushed decisions?


Expensive Sentence: “He’s the only guy that can do the job.”

Do you fear missing out on an employee / vendor / technology that cannot be replaced?


Expensive Sentence: “We’re different.”

Are best practices and sound processes being left behind on the belief that your situation is special?


Expensive Sentence: “This is our top priority.”

Are your main objectives leading you to over-spend? How can you tell?

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