So, why do we buy? – It turns out this is a pretty easy question to answer: I will buy something when its price is less than its value to me. It sounds simple, and it is… at least at a concept level. In practice, dissecting value can get thorny, and we’ll explore that in…
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Below The Buying Surface: The Iceberg Of Total Cost

What lurks below the surface of the “iceberg” of total cost? This video presents a simple framework to identify the hard costs, soft costs, and silent costs that drive every “build or buy” decision.

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When you look at a vendor’s invoice, do you ever feel like you are missing something? Is there a difference between the total on the bill and how much it really costs? Every company should review their expenses on a routine basis. (We do this via a Buying Excellence Payables Review.) But the bills you pay…
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Outsourcing Cost Model – Free Illustration

Detailed example cost model comparing an outsourced solution to in-house. Shows multiple years, implementation costs, staff implications, and other aspects of total cost.

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