We’re getting 5-star reviews for Same Side Selling (Amazon #1 seller!), and many of them praise the benefits of our collaborative approach for both the seller and the buyer. These words are great to read, because improving the buyer/seller relationship is the point of the book that Ian Altman and I wrote. Both parties are…
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7 Curses Of Hourly Billing For Any Business

Paying vendors by the hour is the default in many sectors, and that is often a bad thing. Learn how an hourly billing setup can cost you far more than you realize, and what you can do to fix it.

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When you look at a vendor’s invoice, do you ever feel like you are missing something? Is there a difference between the total on the bill and how much it really costs? Every company should review their expenses on a routine basis. (We do this via a Buying Excellence Payables Review.) But the bills you pay…
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Free Business Vendor Evaluation Template

An easy-to-use framework for vendor evaluation. Your team can assign relative weightings to the most important criteria, and then view service providers side-by-side in a structured comparison.

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