If you’ve seen the movie Frozen or heard its hit song, then you’ve had a musical taste of the triumph Queen Elsa feels after she decides to “let it go.” I can’t be 100% certain that this song was written about outsourcing, but hear me out…     When you Don’t Worry, you can Be Happy…
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Do you love to prepare meals? For me, it’s usually a chore. But last week I was part of a team that prepared over 109,000 meals in 24 hours. It was an amazing experience in many ways, and it showed me a new angle on the importance of focus and outsourcing. These ideas are central…
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Below The Buying Surface: The Iceberg Of Total Cost

What lurks below the surface of the “iceberg” of total cost? This video presents a simple framework to identify the hard costs, soft costs, and silent costs that drive every “build or buy” decision.

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Outsourcing Cost Model – Free Illustration

Detailed example cost model comparing an outsourced solution to in-house. Shows multiple years, implementation costs, staff implications, and other aspects of total cost.

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The Promise And Peril Of Outsourcing

The design of an outsourcing project is critical, and many are unintentionally set up to fail. This diagram illustrates the right and wrong approaches and explains why outsourcing often adds expense and work instead of simplifying and reducing cost.

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