In a world of outsourcing, partnerships, and virtual teams, a company’s activities and operations are increasingly dependent on non-employees. The trend of hiring market providers to perform company functions means that execution is increasing connected to purchasing. As buying replaces doing in many cases, the skills related to buying become increasingly important.  This article presents…
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Sometimes we lose a negotiation before we even know we’re in one. Let me illustrate what I mean: In my quest to perfect the Buying Excellence videos, I was recently shopping online for a new microphone and encountered this image:   Note that below the picture and product info, there are two prices: $260 is…
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Without looking below, close your eyes and answer this one simple question: Why do we shop around?   [no peeking]   If your answer was “to get the best price,” I can’t give you any credit. Sorry, the price is wrong. Don’t feel bad. This was a bit of a setup and price is an…
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Clear the Fear Survey: Helpful Information For Any Point In The Purchasing Process

Save time and get better decisions by assessing potential concerns for a project early on. Click to download survey.

Tips for Using the Clear-the-Fear Survey:

1. This can be used at any point in a project – the earlier the better.

2. Meet in person to product the best quality discussion.

3. Hand the sheet out in hard copy and instruct team members to complete, without writing their name.

4. A facilitator can review the completed worksheets and identify greatest fears.

5. In a group discussion build a consensus on the level of concern.

6. Discuss mitigation steps for the greatest fears.

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Think about your goals for your business, especially when it comes to dealing with vendors or purchasing new products or services. It’s a good bet that your first complete sentence began with “I want…” or “I need…” We may have been trained to use different phrasing, but the idea of wants and needs still drives…
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