What Makes A True Business Professional?

What is the definition of a pro? What makes a “professional” professional?

  1. A common answer is that professionals get paid.
  2. Another is that they work for years at one skill and keep improving.

If I told you that I had done something nearly every day for the last thirty years, and that it was a major driver in my finances… would you call me a pro?

(You know where this is headed, don’t you?)

The truth is we are all professional BUYERS. We’ve all had thousands of repetitions at buying. In sum, those purchases greatly affect our lives. We may feel like we did well or we didn’t… or maybe we don’t even really think about it.

Isn’t this a skill worth developing? If I can improve my golf swing or public speaking … can I get better at buying? Can a company improve its skill at buying?

As a company leader, buying is a big part of your job. In fact, buying well is more central to your profit than selling well. (Not convinced? Watch this three-minute video on the Importance of Buying.)

Do you know any other professional buyers who would like to lift their team’s skill? Please pass this along and they can join… we’ll learn together.

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