Why “25% off all Hamsters” is an Expensive Sentence

I’m not an animal rights activist, but there’s something that seems not-quite-right about selling pets at 25% off. Maybe I just haven’t bought enough animals to see how the Joseph Banks 3-for-1 sale would translate.

Getting past that creature-purchasing awkwardness, my point here is to highlight the silliness of changing our behavior due to the purchase price of the tiny beast.

In our house we have approached the pet threshold with great care. Yes, they are small pets, but even so they are lives under our roof. They will require attention, water, food, clean cages, and maybe a wheel or two. It’s a long-term commitment, and THAT is the biggest cost by a long shot.


Purchase Cost versus Total Cost

So the dollars are secondary, but even then this discount is misleading. Two critters are $12 each, but when you add in the cages (separate cages so they don’t eat each other) food, multi-colored cage fluff, and various accessories to give them quality of life… we got to $140 on the first trip to PetSmart.


I’m happy to report that Waffles and Pancakes are doing very well. (Waffles was rather bitey the first week, but seems to be adjusting.)


Beware the Discount

Here are some fortune-cookie proverbs for your consideration:

  • Don’t buy a Hamster because it’s on Sale
  • Don’t get a tattoo because of a groupon.
  • Don’t take up e-cigarettes because a new Vape store opened down the street.

Are there other times at work or at home that we make long-term  economic decisions based on short term ‘discounts’?

Let me know if I can help your team avoid Expensive Sentences and get more for your dollars.


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