Companies and groups work directly with Buying Excellence for outstanding events and high-return projects. Learn more below, and contact Jack Quarles for more information.


Group Presentations
Jack Quarles has been a top-rated speaker at national conferences, company events, and CEO groups. He delivers thought-provoking and actionable messages to audiences. The hallmark of Jack’s content is translating key economic concepts into surprisingly useful language and actions. This resonates the most with audiences who are keenly interested in reducing costs, increasing profit, and making better team decisions. Signature presentations include:

  • The Ten Most Expensive Sentences in Your Company
  • Strategy by Subtraction: Outsource, In-house, or Outhouse?


Workshops & Strategic Facilitation

When a team needs to make specific plans, build a skill set, or develop a consistent process related to their buying decisions, a workshop or strategic session can be the most efficient approach. Buying Excellence can lead half-day to multiple day sessions that move an organization to a specific outcome.

  • Buying Excellence Basics – Improved Negotiation and Purchasing Skills
  • Value, Priorities, and Budget – From Strategy to a Spending Plan

Contact Jack Quarles ( to discuss your objectives and whether a Buying Excellence workshop makes sense.



Buying Excellence works with selected clients for high-impact projects, including:

  • Evaluating Outsourcing Opportunities
  • Requirements Analysis and Definition
  • Facilitation of Request for Proposal (RFP) or RFQ
  • Vendor Negotiation

Projects are fixed-fee, milestone-based and usually include a savings guarantee of five times the project fee for the client (5x ROI).

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