When should you use an RFP or an RFQ? Smart companies use a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) to find the best pricing and the right vendors. An RFP process can be used even for small purchases, and using RFP templates and step-by-step procedures mean that the process does not have to be labor intensive.


RFP Articles & Videos

Learn the basics of RFPs: when to use them, how to structure them, and why vendors hate them.

RFP Templates & Tips

For a quick start on an RFP or RFQ, use one of the templates on this page.

RFP Services

If you need an expert review of your RFP, help evaluating proposals, or someone to write an RFP and facilitate the process, Buying Excellence can help. See more detail on how clients work with Buying Excellence to save money and get the best vendor and solution.



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